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29 January 2009

Welcome to the Church, don't interrupt the guy up front!

Since this is the opening post I thought I'd lay out a bit of information.

I read.

A lot.

I used to read more but I got married with all that marriage entails and now I'm down to a book or three a week. This blog mostly comprises reviews of books I've read. If you don't like Sci-Fi or physics then perhaps this isn't the place for you.

My ratings are descriptive of the value of the book rather than encouragements to steal, purchase or borrow the book. For example, if I rate the book a steal, then I mean it's worth reading and keeping but not worth paying for, borrow means read at your own risk, buy means it's worth supporting the author so that he writes more.

Clear as mud?

I'm sure if the ratings don't make sense then the review comments will help.

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