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27 April 2009

Getting Older

It's funny the things that remind you that you're aging. I went back to university at twenty-nine to get my engineering degree and that was a really in your face experience about being older. But since then life has really just moved along with a few more smile lines and few more gray hairs.

This past Saturday I took down the fence in the back yard, removed the rotting, poorly constructed retaining wall and moved some of the earth behind the retaining wall. Then I ate supper, cleaned the kitchen and put my daughter to bed. At eight thirty or so I went over to a friend's place and gamed until one o'clock the next morning. In my teens or twenties I wouldn't have thought twice about doing such a long day. Now in my almost forties I realize that it means I basically wrote off Sunday. I was a wreck, early mornings, a day of hard physical work and a late night just isn't as easy as it was ten to fifteen years ago.

The lines, the gray hair and beard, although a daily reminder of aging, is a gradual thing. It's attempting the feats of youth that really rub your nose in the mud.


  1. You are just out of practice.

  2. No, my friend, I'm aging, however I choose to celebrate my age rather than mourning it despite the tone of the blog entry.

    I prefer to think that I've kicked dirt in the reapers face for almost 40 years rather than mourning my age.

    But some days you feel your age and other days you don't really notice it.


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