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20 May 2009

Tuloriad, ARC

John Ringo, Tom Kratman
Rating: Buy, ARC

Tom Kratman's books aren't a favorite of Mrs. Bugbear's perhaps it's the constant oozing of blood making a mess on the bookshelves. I quite enjoy them and despite Kratman's apologist tone in some of his books I quite like his afterwords. But, dammit, I wish that Kratman would include a bibliography. The author's afterwords generally have a warm and inviting tone even as Kratman (and Ringo in their joint works) humorously excoriate various sacred cows of the political left. The one fault of the afterwords is a lack of a recommended reading list.

What to say about the Tuloriad, the book was slow in parts but I often found myself laughing and occasionally teary eyed (not from laughter). Wait for the Kosher Posleen Joke!

Read it you'll likely enjoy the Tuloriad just for the Author's Afterword alone. It's interesting to read a Sci-Fi book that isn't flogging secular humanism for a change.

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