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16 June 2009

Little Miss Bugbear II Pics

Personally I agree with Robin Williams, newborns look like 'little old men dipped in 40 weight'. That stage doesn't last long and it is interesting to watch how much a newborn's looks change over the first few days.

Mrs. Bugbear is doing well and little Miss Honour Ainsley seems to be fine as well. She really hasn't said much yet afterall.
Now at this point I should probably say something profound about the effect of a new baby on the family or on my life but frankly I'm just too tired to think deeply. Instead of profundity I'm just going to look forward, mostly to more sleep but also to comparing Honour Ainsley's progress with Marion's (the original little Miss Bugbear).


  1. That's a good pair of pictures and a beautiful child. You are a lucky man.

    Honour has a good bit of hair on her already, whether it stays or not. That must be from her dad's side.

  2. Marion's hair was similar at birth but it all fell out, and then came back in in a lighter shade. Marion's hair is pretty much what I remember my sisters to be like when we were kids.

    Honour's hair seems to be quite a bit thicker and darker. But it remains to be seen if she'll keep it.

  3. "Lack of sleep" may not be a profound observation, but I'm confident it's heartfelt.
    When our first-and-only offspring arrived, that made a big difference in my mindset. It was no longer "wife and I are both employed and functional", it was suddenly "two basically helpless people are depending on ME".

  4. I remember having the same mindset when Marion was born. The second time around is sort of the same but with the proviso that I handled it the first time, how much worse could it be?


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