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02 June 2009

Richard Lindzen Quote of the Day

Richard Lindzen delivered a talk on Climate Sensitivity at the ICCC, I couldn't resist posting this quote:
What was done, was to take a large number of models that could not reasonably simulate known patterns of natural behavior (such as ENSO, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation), claim that such models nonetheless accurately depicted natural internal climate variability, and use the fact that these models could not replicate the warming episode from the mid seventies through the mid nineties, to argue that forcing was necessary and that the forcing must have been due to man.  

The argument makes arguments in support of intelligent design sound rigorous by comparison.  It constitutes a rejection of scientific logic, while widely put forward as being 'demanded' by science.
I can sum this up a bit more succintly, GIGO, garbage in garbage out, but that doesn't convey the heavy sarcasm of the second to last sentence quoted above.

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