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14 July 2009

New End Table Project.

Mrs. Bugbear was given the cast iron base of an old treadle sewing machine a couple of years ago and it has been part of the clutter in my garage ever since. In a rare burst of motivation I started cleaning the garage to make room for my previously mentioned gas forge and anvil construction projects. When I saw the sewing machine base I decide to make a table-top for it and thus be able to remove it from the clutter in the garage.

After disassembling the base I used a brass coated steel brush to remove the surface rust and then applied two coats of flat black Tremclad rust paint. Being a great believer in recycling (ie not paying for materials I don't absolutely have to) I used an old drafting table-top for the base of the table top. I then nailed some leftover oak hardwood flooring to the table top and bought some oak trim. After gluing and nailing the trim to the table-top I verathaned the trim and then attached it to tabletop. So after paying $20 for oak trim and about 4 hours of work Mrs. Bugbear has an oak topped end table about 36" high and I have slightly less clutter in my garage/workshop. It was a fun project nonetheless.

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  1. Anonymous15 July, 2009

    I think you meant 'varithaned' (as in varithane varnish). It'll be a heck of a heavy end table I imagine (not necessarily a bad thing).

    When your level of technology advances, you can actually post pictures of your projects....

  2. Anonymous15 July, 2009

    You should also read Laserlight's second last post as it is his brief comments on reading two Tom Kratman books and I know you love his stuff.

  3. I'll post pictures when I have the camera near a computer.


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