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08 July 2009

Republic of Rome

Republic of Rome is a boardgame that I've whiled many hours away playing with some of my closest friends.  I was looking for the cover art for the first book of John Ringo's new series and I discovered that Kurt Miller was the artist for Republic of Rome.  I then decided to wander through his site and I discovered that I own a lot of books with his cover art on them.


  1. You have to enjoy a game that combines realpolitik, treachery, fiscal management (and possibly graft or corruption), piety of a sort (sometimes a very temporal sort...), and military conflicts with other nations all wrapped up in the guise of history. It also forces you to keep the populace happy and appreciate the pitfalls of democracy and republic. And cultivates an interest in the history of rome.

    I highly recommend this podcast:

    And Derekus Maximus Gabbus, next time we play, I'm sending you to be the Governor of Cisalpine Gaul... just before it gets over-run by Barbarians.

  2. Well Thomus Stabbus Backus, I might just throw the knife much like you did to Murphus Talkus Endlus, in a very memeorable game. I don't think I've actually played Republic of Rome since Kevin lived on Toronto Street.


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