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02 September 2009

le Sandwich à la Dinde Fumé!

I have no idea if the french title correctly translates as Smoked Turkey Sandwich but it was my best attempt.

Last night I stopped at the local Canadian Tire and picked up a bag of mesquite wood chips.  Preparing the sandwiches took about an hour and a half.  After soaking the wood chips for about thirty minutes I started the BBQ and once I had a good smoke going I put the herb rubbed turkey breast on the BBQ, the turkey breast took a bit over fifteen minutes on each side.  Now last night I was supervising Little Miss Bugbear, so I separately prepared the chipolté mayo but it would have been easy to prepare the mayo, dice the onions and dice the celery while the turkey was smoking.

The smoked turkey sandwich filling turned out very well although it is considerably hotter than the version I've been buying from Pan Chancho, I guess I must cut back on the chipotlé in the mayonnaise next time.  I should note that the turkey was pretty tasty just dressed in the herb rub and smoke and I think that I may repeat this portion of the recipe as a beer can turkey, or chicken.

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