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01 September 2009

Lost Wedding Ring. Found!

I'm a very lucky man in that I have a fault tolerant and patient wife, she is in many ways my polar opposite.  Some time around the end of April or early May I realized that I didn't know where my wedding band was.  Now this is a frequent occurrence, probably due to my nascent Alzheimer's Disease, well more likely it's due to the fact that I take my iron ring and my wedding band off when I'm on a construction site.  I also take them off when I'm working around the house or forge.  If I'd just put the rings in the same place each time I wouldn't have to search the house for them every time.

My wife hasn't said a cross word about it all summer.  She was quite pleased this morning when I put a jacket on to go to work and discovered my wedding band in the breast pocket.

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  1. I lost my school ring from high school by taking it off so I could type on a computer without it annoying me and left it on the computer. Never saw it again.

    Do try not to lose your wedding band. Your wife could then disown you and you were awful as a bachelor.


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