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16 October 2009

Deer Hunting

The rifle season for deer opens on November second this year. I've started planning for the upcoming season and made a packing list. I must have caught the packing disease from Mrs. Bugbear because I have to pack thirty-five individual items! That doesn't include food either.

  1. .45-70 Ruger
  2. .30-30 Marlin
  3. Ammunition
  4. Bore-Snake
  5. Cleaning Kit
  6. Cleaning Patches
  7. Gun oil
  8. Doe Tag
  9. Hunting License
  10. Gun Registrations
  11. Hunting Parka (Because despite Hunting in shirt sleeves last year it's usually cold)
  12. Hunting boots
  13. Walkie-Talkie
  14. Spare Batteries for Walkie-Talkie's
  15. Spare Batteries for Red-Dot scope
  16. Gun Sock
  17. Hunting Boots

All that is just Kit for walking around, there's still bedding, clothes and various other sundries. My wife and I combined packed lighter to spend twenty-one days in Europe.

The biggest injustice of it all is that after two bad winters in a row I'm unlikely to even see a deer. Last year it was all partridges and fishers.

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