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09 November 2009

The Deer Hunter

There was no Russian Roulette involved, just the great outdoors, fresh air, great views, lots of exercise....

You can romanticize anything can't you.  Deer hunting actually involves spending a week in a cabin in the woods with no electricity, no running water, and the air is freshened by the noxious expulsions created by a diet high in onions, beans, bacon and eggs, interspersed with periods of freezing one's posterior waiting for the five seconds of adrenal rush when you actually see a deer.   The exercise is mostly walking in very rough country.  You know how much exertion it is when you spend four hours walking around in a fleece shirt in temperatures hovering around freezing and conclude that you might be a bit overdressed. Spending a week deer hunting makes you appreciate a great many things, hot and cold running water, soap, toothbrushes, deodorant, central heating, working in a office.

I, of course, had a great time and I managed to shoot the lone deer we bagged this past week, but romanticizing spending a week with four other men who haven't showered for five days and seem to have an excess of intestinal gas seems a little foolish.

The Great Outdoors is nice to visit but you wouldn't want to live there.


  1. Now you are beginning to understand one part of life in the infantry - the romaticizing of things which really weren't at all romantic, but were in fact cold, wet, stinky and tiresome.

    But if you didn't put a good face on it, you'd probably never do it.

    PS - Glad to see random chance (ie your marksmaship) finally worked in your favour and you got something for your troubles. I expect a sample sometime. :)

  2. It was onlu 25 feet away, hard to miss at that distance, even when it's moving.


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