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12 November 2009

New Rating

A friend upon reading the outline of my book ratings that you can see on the side bar of the blog suggested I add a new rating:

Somewhere around the bottom of the ratings should be "so bad it's inspirational." Your response on reading it should be "Hell, *I* write better than this! If this joker can get this crap published, for sure I can get published."

You'd never want to read it again, but you might keep a copy around for encouragement.

If you need an example of a book tha deserves this rating, Cenotaph Road qualifies.
Thanks Laserlight, hopefully it won't often get used.


  1. Hey, I *liked* the Cenotaph road series!

    Admittedly I probably read it at age 12 or 13.... so I won't comment on its merits, but it was one of the first longer-length series I read, had a genuinely evil and interesting villain (an evil undead archmage trying to rebuild his body from scattered parts, classic high fantasy), an interesting travel mechanic (the cenotaph road), and a neat side-kick (giant spider dude).

    I haven't tried to re-read them (no sense spoiling a good feeling about them and there are too many new unread books), but I liked them a lot at the time.

    And unlike Jordan (and a few others) who right book series that keep on going and going, this one stopped at a long but humane six books.

    -- TB

  2. I read a bit of the first chapter [shudder]. I'm much more inclined to agree with Laserlight than TB.

  3. Considering what you read, I don't feel too harshly judged.


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