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14 December 2009

Servant of a Dark God

John Brown
ISBN: 0765322358
Rating: Buy, Paperback, New

Mrs. Bugbear and I have decided to finish the basement of our home.  This means an opportunity for more built-in bookshelves so I picked up Servant of a Dark God on a lark since I haven't been reading much fantasy lately.

This book follows the travails of a farm boy in a community on the frontier of his country.  I found the book slow to get into and the main character wasn't really all that appealing, but then are teenage boys seldom are.  I might be a bit biased against teenage boys since I have two very young daughters and I'm not looking forward to them dating.  Mostly thought the book was slow to start and didn't grab my interest right away.  The pace does pick up and the latter third of the book isn't too bad.

What's good about the book?  The system of magic is interesting and a bit novel and the fact that humanity is being farmed by the various antagonists caught my interest on the jacket description.  The characterization is not bad and the prose is very good.  As far as I know this a first novel by Mr Brown and I look forward to his next efforts as this one was very good in the technical respects but just has a spark of good storytelling as opposed to the satisfactory fire of Larry Corriea's Monster Hunter International.  Having said that I still look forward to the sequel Curse of a Dark God.

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