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01 March 2010

Bugbear's Obscure Word of the Week

Mrs. Bugbear and I like to play Scrabble.  Sadly with the two little bugbears running and crawling around we don't get much chance to play.  However, Saturday night we managed to get a game in.  It was a hard fought game in which Mrs. Bugbear got all the high scoring letters(Q,Z, & X).  I managed to win by virtue of playing the following word on a triple word score and getting the 50 bonus points for using all my letters:


For your enlightenment

n.  A leather scourge used for flogging.
tr.v.   knout·ed, knout·ing, knouts
To flog with a knout.

[French, from Russian knut, from Old Russian knutŭ, from Old Norse knūtr, knot in cord.]

Mrs Bugbear and I had a good laugh at the end of the game.  For your further reference I encountered the word in the book Mutiny On the Bounty.  A book I read for enjoyment in grade seven or eight, a couple of years before the Mel Gibson film based on the events.

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  1. I rarely beat my wife at Scrabble but this weekend I got QUAY on a triple, plus MY as a crossing word, for 68. That sufficed to win.


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