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05 April 2010

Easter: Ham by my Own Petard

Coordinating holiday dinners between both sides of our family can be a bit stressful at times.  Siblings seem to be the problem, my brother-in-law's girlfriend never knows what days she'll be working and my sister seems to want to pick the one day that Mrs. Bugbear and I aren't going to be available.

This year looked to be easy, my sister wasn't coming down and my mother told us that she'd schedule around my in-laws.  While I was coordinating things with my mother I had a bright idea.  Now that you're over the shock I'll digress a bit.  I have a love hate relationship with turkey, I love turkey with stuffing and all the trimmings...for one meal.  Having two or three turkey meals in a short span of time is not as appealing since turkey in large quantity causes some gastrointestinal distress.  So while I was coordinating things with my mother I mentioned that since there were only going to be six of us there wouldn't it be easier to just cook a small ham rather than a turkey.  Mother Bugbear liked the idea and decided to cook a ham.

All was well, one turkey meal and one ham meal, my jedi mind tricks were working well padawan.

Oddly, I have the same type of love/hate relationship with ham.  In the case of ham, I love it but I can only eat so much pork before I suffer from some deleterious expulsions...sometimes deleterious explosions.

So on a lovely Good Friday, Mrs. Bugbear and I pack up the two little bugbears and head over to the in-laws' place for an Easter Dinner.  My father-in-law and I sat down on the patio to chew the fat.  It seems that the weekend before Easter my father-in-law had participated in a shooting competition being held at the gun club we both belong to and he had won in one of the three divisions.  Interestingly, he had ended up shooting against a cousin of mine who placed second.

It seems that first prize was a six pound ham... we were having it for dinner.

For the next family holiday I'm going to suggest that we do a vegetarian dinner.  Of course with my luck all the dishes will be bean and lentil based.

Did I mention that I have a love/hate relationship with legumes...


  1. The one thing I know you have a true love (no hate in sight) relationship with is carping.

    You have wonderful meals, amidst the warmth of family, and you make as if you were Atlas with the cares of the world up on your shoulders...

    I think sometimes you forget just how blessed you are.

    I submit as primary evidence my continued good esteem and friendship. That ought to be convincing without any other data to back it up.

    Okay, I concede, as much as I like turkey, I am a ham. :0)


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