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21 April 2010

How to Gracefully Reject Professional Services

Yesterday I had an interesting experience.

I met with a young doctor who was in the process of setting up his own clinic.  He'd engaged the services of an engineer who was late in delivering drawings.  I made no promises but I told him I'd help him out as best I could.  We spent about 30 minutes discussing what I needed to provide him and changes that I suggested that he make to the lighting that the architect had laid out (badly).  We concluded the meeting amicably and he was going to have the architect send me electronic drawings.

Half and hour later he showed up with a case of Heineken and an apology for wasting my time.

Now that's a graceful way to reject someone's professional services.


  1. I've given you beer AND rejected you before... I guess I don't get credit because I wasn't getting a professional service, just the personal oversight and wisdom you bestow so generously....


  2. You know, I can't think of a single instance of you giving me beer. You've given me grief, a hard time, pop, food, whisky, cider, a place to crash, books, advice but never beer. I think the lack of beer stems from beer drinking being a relatively recent habit for you and you rarely having any good beer around :-P.

    Nor have you ever offered me money for professional services either.

  3. YOU ARE A LIAR. LIAR! LIAR! (Either that or you have the worst memory EEEVVVVEEERRRR.)

    I have even bought that donkey sweat from Belgium that you like to drink EXCLUSIVELY for you to drink when you visited.

    You are F.o.S. in this regard and I'm not letting the record stand falsely.

    I wouldn't offer you money for your professional services unless I had a use for them. I would gladly offer you money if I did.

    However, your amateur services, such as false recollection, historical revisionism, satirical exaggeration of actual events, and the like... those I should consider offering you money to desist from practicing!

    Of course, you'd refuse because money just can't buy everything.... or at least I can't afford the price you'd want for silence....

  4. VBEG.

    I think if you look the Belgian nectar of the Gods is still in your fridge if you haven't thrown it out.

    You should read the comment thoroughly though. I didn't say you hadn't offered.


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