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26 April 2010

Muzzleloader Update

On Friday, I went back to the gun shop that I'd bought my new Tradtions Vortek.  The owner and his staff were very cooperative and called the company that handles warranty matters for Traditions in Canada.  While one of his staff was talking to the warranty people,  the owner asked me what I wanted to do and offered me the following options:
  1. Upgrade to a different gun since he had the next model up but no stock in the model I'd purchased.
  2. Return the gun for warranty repair.  This could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
  3. He could order a replacement which would take up to a few weeks.
Sometimes you need to think outside the box though.  I observed to the shop owner that easiest  thing to do would be to swap out the trigger mechanism since that was the only part of the gun that was defective.  As long as there were no serial or batch numbers on the trigger mechanism it shouldn't run afoul of any regulations (I'd already confirmed this before I came back with the rifle).  The owner agreed that swapping trigger mechanisms would be acceptable and had one of his staff do the swap while I bought additional accessories for the muzzleloader.

It's rare event in my experience to have a problem with a product or service and have the retailer do his best to resolve the problem as expeditiously as possible.  Sadly, post sale custormer service is more often typical of the United Breaks Guitars variety, than of the type of post sales service I experienced at Norris's Bait/Tackle and Hunting Center near Newboro, Ontario.

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