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15 April 2010

One Good Soldier

Travis S. Taylor
ISBN:  1439133166
Rating: Buy, Paperback Used

One Good Soldier is the culmination (AFAIK) of the a trilogy by Travis S Taylor.  This is not my favorite series by Dr. Taylor, I've generally enjoyed his other series but this one is a little on the light reading side for me.  It took me about three weeks to finish it since it didn't really grab my attention like the books Taylor has co-authored with John Ringo or like Warp Speed and the Quantum Connection.

One Good Soldier is the story of a future USA at war with it's off-world colonies.

The action is fast and intense throughout the book, the character development is sparse and infrequent and the plot is pretty bare-bones.  Having said all that if your looking for a book that features Mecha similar to Robotech or Gundam you'll likely enjoy this trilogy.

Part of the reason I'm a little down on the series is that I rather prefer the Vorpal Blade series and I really picked the book up expecting to get more of the same.

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