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08 April 2010

Snippets from Larry Correia

Larry Correia is the author of Monster Hunter International.  Larry has pitched a new series to Baen Books which I understand will be on bookstore shelves sometime in 2011.  He's currently snippeting the first seven chapters of this new series.

So haul yourself over to and read the first few chapters of Hard Magic book one of the Grimnoir Chronicles.

And if you haven't read Monster Hunter International you're missing out on a great book!


  1. Laserlight15 April, 2010

    Missed the "h" of http. I had to copy and paste the whole URL and then laboriously fill in the H by hand. Slavedriver.

  2. Oh my heart bleeds, I feel so BAAAD!!!

    Have you seem my whip?

  3. Well, you should feel bad, I strained my shoulder. But the story was worth it.


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