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21 June 2010

I Won A Shooting Competition

My Father's Day gift from Mrs Bugbear was a day off to go to a shooting competition put on by my Gun Club, The Team Challenge.  The entrance fee was twenty bucks and you picked three of the seven events to score, you could shoot all seven, but only the three would count towards your team's final score.  You could score up to twenty-five points in each category.   Each team had four shooters and the top team took home half of the money collected in entrance fees.  There were also door prizes and a prize for the first place shooter in each category/event.   All the shooting was offhand, no bench-rests or bi-pods allowed.  The following events were run:

  1. Rimfire
  2. Center Fire
  3. Pistol
  4. Trap
  5. Archery (Bow or Crossbow)
  6. Shotgun (slugs)
  7. Muzzleloader
I declined to shoot a bow or a slug gun.  I did manage to win the last category of the day muzzleloader.  I scored twenty-one out of a possible twenty-five and won the category by 4 points.

What's this demonstrate?

That I need to spend a lot more time shooting my deer rifle off-hand.


  1. Did your four person team win? Or did you just win one of the sub-events?

    And how many entrants/what was the pot?

    Anyway, congratulations!

    I'm kinda surprised you didn't shoot slugs. They seem like your sort of thing.

  2. My team placed fourth, and three of the four memebers won individual events, My father-in-law won the rimfire category and Mac won the centerfire.

    Pot was about $300 I believe.

    My shoulder was well punished by the round of trap.


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