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20 July 2010

Oops! I Can't Walk Yet!

My two daughters have developed at very different paces and in very different ways.  My oldest was walking at eleven months and talking pretty well at one year.  My youngest daughter crawled at six or seven months but while she's taken her first few tottering steps she still prefers quadruped locomotion to biped locomotion.

This morning Mrs Bugbear was helping her walk around the living room holding on to one of our daughter's hands.  My wife let go of our daughter's hand and took a step or two past her and turned around.  The littlest Miss Bugbear stood in place looking at her mother then took one step towards her mother, then she remembered she couldn't walk yet and got down in her more comfortable crawling position and head towards her mother.

It would have been more believable if she hadn't stood there in perfect balance for five seconds or so before taking that step and then waiting a moment or two before dropping down to crawl to her mother.


  1. This morning Mrs Bugbear was help her walk

    No proofreader eh?

    As T.S.URP would have said, HELP!#$!!

  2. I'm not just nitpicky, but it is fun sometimes. :0)

    have a good long weekend.


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