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09 August 2010

Putting the House on the Market

Mrs. Bugbear and I were busy little beavers on the weekend as we finished up a myriad of small renovations in anticipation of selling our house.  So far since we got married we have:
  1. Replaced all the flooring. (hardwood flooring throughout excepting the Kitchen, front entrance and powder room which got porcelain tile)
  2. Reshingled the roof.
  3. Almost all the trim has been replaced except around the upstairs doors.
  4. New sliding door for the deck
  5. Clad all the windows in aluminum.
  6. Rebuilt the retaining wall and the associated fence on top. (about 4 yards of dirt moved by yours truly)
  7. Regraded around the house (about a yard of dirt moved by yours truly)
  8. New interlock beside the house and up to the front entrance (about 2 yards of dirt moved by tours surly).
  9. New flowerbed beside the aforementioned interlock by the front entrance. (about 2 yards of dirt and manure moved by truly surly).
  10. New eaves-trough on the whole house which involved no dirt moving and no ladder climbing by yours truly.
  11. Replaced all but one light fixture, I'm not sure why I never got around to that last fixture though.
  12. Removed the basement stairs, jacked up the header supporting the hallway and installed supporting posts.
  13. Refinished the Kitchen cupboards.
  14. Moved the wall between the kitchen and the garage back two feet into the garage to open up the front entrance and installed a new pocket door and built-in bookshelf in the powder room.
  15. Painted every frickin' wall in the entire frickin' house at least once.
  16. Clad the stairs going to the second floor in hardwood.
  17. Installed a new counter-top in the bathroom and a new sink in the powder room.
  18. New kitchen faucet.  New  faucet in the Powder Room and bathroom.
  19. Moved the cupboard uppers and installed a microwave above the stove.
  20. Installed a dishwasher and new china cabinet.
  21. Repainted the garage door (which really needed it).

All this in just over four years.  I still have to repair the shed floor and finish the trim on the stairs before Wednesday when we are having the real estate agent over to list the house.  Before I moved in Mrs Bugbear had done a few renovations on her own:
  1. Painted the downstairs.
  2. Insulated the attic
  3. Painted the ceilings
  4. Painted most of the upstairs
  5. Added ceiling boxes to two of the upstairs bedrooms.
On the plus side, when we list our house I'll finally know what the house will look like when we're finished renovating.

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