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29 September 2010

Some Views from Around the New House

 I thought I'd show some views from around the new house while the fall colours are in their full glory.

 And here's the Monster Workshop.  Personally I think it's a modest little worksop but your mileage may vary.


  1. Did you buy up a golf course or something? :P

  2. Just a couple of acres!

    There's about a dozen or so sugar maples, a half dozen apple trees, a couple of black cherry trees and a lone crabapple tree.

    Raking leaves is going to be major task, maybe I'll just run over them with the lawnmower :-)

  3. You're gonna' need a fleet of lawnmowers.

  4. Get a mulching blade, run them over and let them be. Raking that is a thankless task. The other option is to bag them with a mower and make a compost pile.

    Just remember: Garter snakes love compost piles.

    Just sayin'.

  5. I need a compost pile for the garden.

    Garter snakes don't like lawnmowers. That fleet of lawnmowers is sounding good.


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