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10 January 2011

You Know You're Old When...

You know you're old when they start remaking the films that were original when you were a kid.

I just read that they are remaking Westworld, add that to Battlestar Galactica, V, The A-Team and a host of others.  I will say that the new technology of special effects does make some of the remakes worthwhile.  Improved budgets and acting have in some cases also improved the re-makes.

Nonetheless, most of the re-makes just make me feel old, which is likely the most appropriate reaction.


  1. Star Wars Special Edition? That also helps you feel old since it brings out rage....

    I knew I was old when one of my friends at work who seemed to get many of my references kept pointing out he was getting them from Futurama or Family Guy or Simpsons parodies of the original or from covers by techno or modern rock bands (where music references were in play).

    He said to me "Dude, I wasn't even born when Star Wars came out...".

    Also please add to your list:
    Black Hole (soonish)

  2. Black hole might be a bit improved, and Ernest Borgnine is still alivce for a cameo!


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