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Nothing says "I Love You, Dear" like screaming lower back pain!

Sometimes Wrong but rarely in doubt!

18 April 2011

Cherry Hardwood Flooring

I've been installing dear Mrs. Bugbear's anniversary gift in the bedroom, cherry hardwood flooring.  Flooring, because you know that nothing says "I love you dear!" like screaming lower back pain.  Forget flowers, forget chocolate, just get down on your knees about twice every minute until you're literally crawling around on the floor because your back won't straighten out.  Then your knees will swell up and every muscle below your short ribs will hurt.   That says "I love you!"  The assorted cuts and bruises from working with your hands are like gentle affectionate hugs and passionate kisses.

Installing the trim will just be the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae of writhing agony.

All jesting aside I put down about 115 sq feet of 3/4x2-1/2" pre-finished cherry flooring, I've got another 72 sq feet of "I love you" to go.


  1. You bear your singular burden with consumate modesty and fortitude, never deigning to complain nor to suggest the struggle is not a joy.

  2. I was fortunate to be able to just write a check for it, but that caused its own pain.

  3. I suppose I could have written a cheque. But I hate to pay someone to do something that I can do myself. Further DIY let's me spread my renovation budget over more projects. There is also the satisfaction of contemplating a job well done. Of course contemplating the job at the chiropractor's really detracts from the sense of satisfaction.


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