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14 November 2011

Apple Scotch Jelly

I decide to make some more jelly this weekend.  I did a little reading and made Whiskey Apple jelly.  I want to forewarn you, when you're preparing this jelly, it stinks...badly.  Despite the foul aroma it tastes wonderful one it sets up.

Apple Scotch Jelly 

1cup of  Scotch
1cup of  Apple Cider
3 cups of granulated white sugar
1 package of Certo Liquid Pectin (85 mL of liquid pectin)

Combine the sugar, scotch and apple cider.  Bring to a boil, add the pectin and bring to a boil for one minute.  Jar as you would for any jelly recipe.

The jelly turned out a light amber in color (the same color as the scotch) and tastes quite similar to Drambuie but not quite as sweet and with a stronger Scotch taste, overall I'm very pleased with how the recipe turned out.

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