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12 March 2012

Taurus 66B6

This was an IDPA Practice weekend and one of the guys brought out a Taurus Model 66B6.  This is a medium frame .357 Magnum revolver, blued with a seven shot cylinder.  It's a great shooter, my groups at ten yards were consistently about 2" shooting from a two handed isosceles stance in both single and double action.  The fit and finish seemed very good and the trigger broke cleanly when I was shooting in single action.  We shot .38 special and .357 Magnum loads.  Unloading the spent .357 brass was quite a bit harder than the .38 brass and the owner indicated that he generally used a bit of lube on the .357 brass to ease unloading but hadn't on the factory ammo he and I had shot.  My course of fire times were so much better even with the never-sufficiently-damned speedloaders that I may have to convert to shooting a revolver for IDPA.

The down side is that it kicks quite a bit more than my 9mm automatic.  Also feeding the pig would be considerably more expensive, especially when your shooting four to five thousand rounds a year. The cylinder rotates counter-clockwise which I find subtly wrong since I'm used to my Colt 1860.    Overall I really liked the gun and I may consider buying one after Mrs. McBugbear returns to work and there's a new roof on the house.

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