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31 July 2012

Hearing Loss

In late May I had ear infections in both ears and ended up with a perforated eardrum on the left side.  Two courses of antibiotics,  multiple visits with a nurse practitioner and one visit to my family doctor resulted in a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist.   About a year ago I had my hearing checked due to some spells of vertigo.  The results of the test were that I had excellent hearing...for a thirty year man, but I was forty-one at the time.

Yesterday I got the bad news, when the specialist compared the results from a hearing test yesterday and the prior test it was obvious that I had lost some hearing.  Apparently I only have excellent hearing for a forty year old man.  There are some caveats to that, my right ear has some hearing loss that looks like it's due to gunshots and there's a sharp downward tick at about one to two kilohertz because of tinnitus (which I've had since I was a child, I don't remember not having it).

On the plus side the good doctor has identified the problem with my ears, my Eustachian tube are swollen shut so my ears aren't draining, nor can I equalize pressure.  I won't be flying anywhere for awhile, large hills can be uncomfortable right now.  However all hope is not lost as I get to try a steroidal anti-inflamatory nasal mist for the next 9 months to get the tubes unblocked.  I might even get back to to having the hearing of a thirty-five year man.  Who says there's no fountain of youth!

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