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03 October 2012

The Argument Against Socialized Healthcare

I have a somewhat minor but fairly uncomfortable health issue.  I don't know if it's life threatening because the problem hasn't been identified yet but I think the likelihood of a life-threatening consequence is low. 

The wait time is just incredible though.  Get this, my family physician referred me to the appropriate specialist and it took 2 months of discomfort from the referral to the appointment.  I saw the specialist and while he has a couple of educated guesses as to what the problem is, I still need a follow-up examination to identify the problem.  After waiting for a month to get a booking I phoned the doctor's office to find out when the follow-up would occur.  I was informed that the specialist is still booking people from six months before my initial appointment.  The receptionist told me not to worry as the backlog would get taken care of quickly.

I asked her "Is that because people on the waiting list are dying off before they get booked for their follow-up?"

She thought that was a tasteless joke, but I wasn't joking.

The tragedy isn't that this happened to me.  It's that it has happened to all those patients that were seen in the six months before me as well as to me.

Anybody who talks glowingly about Canadian Healthcare needs a kick in the pants.

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