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01 November 2012

Tiger by the Tail

John Ringo, Ryan Sear
ISBN: 978-1451638561
Rating:  Steal from Library and Burn to Protect Others

Usually I start a review of a Ringo book with the disclaimer that I'm not entirely impartial.  I tend to really enjoy his books.  Tiger by the Tail is pretty bad.  The MacGuffin that gets the ball rolling in the book frankly broke me out of my willing suspension of disbelief, this happened about the second or third chapter and things went rapidly downhill from there.  I imagine most of the book was written by the co-author and its a name to avoid in the future as the characters were pretty flat, the action was occasionally good and the plot-line was pretty predictable.

Overall this is the Highlander 2 The Quickening of John Ringo books.

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