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14 February 2013

My wife and I have been arguing for seven years about getting a recliner.  So far  she's won every battle but she doesn't play fair.  First we needed new flooring.   Then we needed a new roof on the old house.  The next artful dodge was buying a new car for her.  Her next skillful avoidance was buying a new house, which subsequently needed new flooring and a new roof.

In the spirit of East-West relations of the Cold War era, I now have weapons to ensure MAD (Mutual Assured Despair).  Behold the ICBM (InCordial Begetter of Misogamy):

I also have a MIRV (Marriage Incompatibility Redoubling Vehicle)  if the ICBM is insufficient.
If you're reading this Mrs. Bugbear, just remember a wee little leather recliner is a good starting point for the SALT talks (Strategic Alternate Lazyboy Treaty).

For the uninitiated these chairs are actually available through

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