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02 April 2013

Remington 870 Tactical

As mentioned previously I have a IDPA match coming up.  The match has a shotgun portion and I really didn't think my over and under was going to make the grade so I finally succumbed to temptation and bought a tactical shotgun.  For the record I hate that terminology as much as the much reviled 'assault weapon'.  A shotgun is a shotgun is a shotgun.  The miracle of the shotgun is that it can do just about anything within certain limits, you can get rifled barrels, smoothbore barrels, you can change chokes and you can shoot just about anything out of it that you can fit in to a shotshell.  If you think I'm wrong then just spend some quality time on Taofledermaus' Youtube Channel and peruse the Weird Shotgun Loads playlist.

Nothing epitomizes the shotgun like the Remington 870.  From the Wingmaster to the 870 express there are at least a dozen different models, more accessories than Barbie, and they all go together like almost like Lego.

Remington 870 in a 4+1 Configuration.
I bought a Remington 870 Tactical.  Do yourself a favor, unless you're only ever going to use it with a mag extension then the 6+1 version is for you, no problems with mag extensions it's a great gun.  But for someone on a budget (like me) who wants the 870 to fulfill all the roles it's capable of then don't be lured in by the six shot magazine version.  As far as I can tell you can't get any barrels for it that make it suitable as anything other than a tactical shotgun.  Remington is satisfying a market and solving a problem with the product, but you have to know what you're buying.

I'm trading mine with a guy who doesn't hunt at the end of April.  Then I'll be buying a 28" vent rib barrel for it so I can go turkey hunting.  Why the end of April, well I do have a tactical shoot coming up...

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