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15 November 2016

Shadow of Victory

David Weber
ISBN 978-1476781822
Rating: Buy, Hardcover, Used

I'm generally a big fan of David Weber.  Lately I haven't enjoyed his books as much.  I stopped reading the Safehold Series because it became all intrigue and very little action or story advancement. I was a bit disappointed in the Sword of the South latest entry in the Bahzell Banahkson series.  This latest entry in the Honorverse is disappointing as well so far.  The opening chapters don't seem to have a hook.  It's chapter four before I encounter a character I recognize and even then I'm emotionally disengaged because this is the first Honorverse book from the Saganami Island storyline in three friggin' years.

Another word of advice to new authors out there, don't pick Polish last names for new characters.  No one but Poles and Russians can say the last names and that disrupts the readers ability to emotionally engage with characters.  Weber killed off a hundred or so people in the first three chapters and I yawned through the whole thing as I had no emotional engagement with the characters killed.

I haven't finished the book yet and I'll revise this review as I get further into the book or if ultimately I give up before I finish it.

It looks like the latter option will be the one I exercise.


I'm afraid I gave up.  Wen Spencer's Black Wolves of Boston eARC came out and while it has it's flaws there was a lot more adventure.

This trend towards intrigue by Weber is putting me off I'm afraid but I'm not the only member of his audience.  If intrigue is what you enjoy then you'll likely love Shadow of Victory.

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