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11 February 2009

Gamers, Coming out of the Closet

It's funny how insular and reclusive gamers can be about gaming. I've been working in engineering for 7 years. There's a fellow I know (works for an architectural firm), we've worked on projects together, studied martial arts at the same dojo (different arts same tatami). I may even have tipped the odd brown bottle with him at a pub.

Yet neither of us knew the other played RPG's until I ran into him at the local gaming store. There was a pickup game running in the back and one of the guys came out tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to sit in and run an NPC for hour, they were just setting up. So in I go and there sits the guy from the architectural firm. Imagine our surprise.

This morning he sent me a link to Twenty Sided Tale and I recommend it to anybody who ever rolled a twenty sider in an RPG.

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