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20 April 2009

Writing the PPE

Writing the Professional Practice Exam was an interesting experience. Recently at work I was reviewing a site as part of the pre-design phase of a tenant fit out. Since I'll probably be doing this job for another twenty-five or thirty years I decided that I'd review the whole building since I'd likely be working on it again in five or ten years. I discovered a transformer adjacent to the building in violation of the applicable electrical safety code. I have to go through the process of informing the owner and following up to ensure that the situtation is corrected or remediated.

That was almost exactly question two of the exam. If you think that's strange question two of the legal portion of the exam was pretty similiar concentrating instead on who would be responsible under a tort for the analogous situation.

Well I'm reasonably confident that I got those two question correct.

The results get mailed on 22 June 2009.

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