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14 October 2009

The PEO Finally gets off it's A$$

Fourteen months after I initiated the process I can finally call myself a P. Eng. Minimum of 4 weeks until the stamp arrives and a maximum of who knows.

So it's official:

Bugbear P.ANGST.

Maybe I should work on my spelling.


  1. Congratulations!

    I really think you should have sent out an email to your friends (at least Murph, the Admiral, and me) who have some idea what this means.

    Huzzah! Good work. You've earned it. I won't respect you any more because of it (you already get that), but it may prove useful to you in future endeavours (or even sooner), so that's a good step.

    I may give you a hard time most days, but you're a pretty solid citizen and this is just a further sign of that (along with being technically competent). And I know how you hate compliments, so I'm trying to not point out that I think of you as a brother and that you're one of the people I'd want with me if civilization fell. Because I know that you find it difficult to accept praise. But you are a good man.

  2. I don't really feel that I've accomplished anything. I've completed the mandatory four years of experience, written a test and submitted a list of projects I've worked on to demonstrate my experience.

    Big deal, now I enjoy increased liability for my efforts.

    Getting my iron ring was more significant as was getting a black belt.

  3. Grats on being a PEnguin. Even if you don't feel you accomplished anything, other people will feel you did. Charge accordingly :-)


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