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Nothing says "I Love You, Dear" like screaming lower back pain!

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29 September 2009

Try This At Home

I occasionally have bad timing.  In this case it's not my fault, really.  I decided to make bread from a recipe in the Pan Chancho Cookbook on Saturday.  The recipe is for the wonderful pain ordinaire that I've enjoyed many times at Chez Piggy and Pan Chancho.  Why was my timing bad?  I started on Saturday and the recipe takes three days to prepare.  You make the starter on Saturday, feed the starter on Sunday and bake bread guessed it Monday.  Since I work Mondays that meant that Mrs. Bugbear had to bake the pain ordinaire.

The recipe also made a copious amount of dough.  Mrs Bugbear at my suggestion divided the dough and made a pizza for supper.  The pain ordinaire made for an amazing pizza crust and I heartily recommend that you try it at home!

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