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24 September 2009

Some Inspired Sarcasm

Author Mad Mike Williamson post this gem on Baen's Bar. Some of the comments are fine examples of sarcasm and satire.

I recommend that you read the post and then start reading the comments at the bottom page and working your way up.

The one that are serious are just sad really, at least the Catholics had the right idea, confess your sins in secret or anonymously . The motivation I believe was that you would be more likely to confess all your sins. The blogger would have you piously mouth your sins to the world which I feel is really just committing one the seven deadly sins - pride.

Listening to all the eco-propaganda is enough to make a fellow decide to have himself cremated after a long life just so he can poke a stick in the greenies' eyes from the grave.

Addendum 19 October 2009

A friend sent this message to me offline and I thought it was sarcastic enough to post as an addendum to the orginal post:

I could feel my intelligence dwindling as I read the original post and even further as I read the comments. Some of the sarcastic ones were funny, so I laughed as my brain rapidly atrophied.

My biggest environmental sin is listening to and spending time thinking about the environmental issues instead of just living a sensible life. Every time Bugbear sends me another article that enrages him (usually from some source of 'greeny' nature), I find myself wasting time contemplating this issue. During those moments, my body burns fuel and produces wastes. Generally, lights are on and other machinery is running. OH, THE HUMANITY!

I vow to correct this sin by not spending any time reading about the 'alleged' environment. Most of the greenies wouldn't know the environment if it bit them, because they never spend any time in it. Many also have little or no scientific knowledge and lack even basic human suspicion of snake-oil salesmen.

I am sure there are environmental issues. I am sure humanity has caused some of them. But for the life of me, I can only identify a few of these and they are fairly blatant. Most of the others are conjectural, backed up by hocus pocus, and sold by flim-flam. Consequently, I trust little I see or hear on either side of this debate. Thus, any time I waste contemplating this debate (including, ironically, writing this reply) is a sin against the environment as well as a sin against my level of Zen.

The environment won't be saved or damned by anything I personally do. And I don't have much influence on the lives of others in any prescriptive or prohibitive fashion, so I pretty much can't dictate to others (even assuming I knew enough or was inclined to - the former I certainly do not and the latter I certainly will not).

I give up. Less talking about the environment. If you want to do something about it, go pick up some garbage from the parks and roadsides. Go plant some trees. And get the heck off my Internets with this rubbish....


  1. I think you must be mistaken or the name 'Seven Deadly Sins' was clearly spoken with an ironic tongue-in-cheek.

    I know this because if it was actually lethal, you and several others of my acquaintance would be 'shuffled off this mortal coil', would be 'pushing up daisies', would have 'kicked it', would be 'singing with the choir eternal', or 'to wit, would be D-E-A-D dead - as a stone'.

    So I assume that it's only a 'mildly annoying sin' rather than actually deadly.

    Just in the interest of perspective.

    And of course, no sign of saracasm. Could not find it with a map!

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