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23 September 2009

Almost A Professional Engineer

I finally got my notice in the mail. I've passed the test, none of my referees said anything too bad about my character and my work experience has been judged to meet the minimum standards.

It's official I'm almost a professional engineer. I just have to pay my fees and I'll be allowed to use the title P.Eng.


  1. My gut reaction is to make a cheesy comment like "One step from insufferable!" but two things preclude that:

    1) You've been insufferable since I met you... (*ha ha ha!*)

    2) I'm very pleased that you've hurdled this milestone, despite the fact I've felt it was incredibly likely for a long time.

    It's always nice to make some professional progress and it may open up some options for you going forward - or at least one can hope.

    Good going, Bugbear!

  2. I suppose it's time to very nearly offer congratulations.

  3. "You'd like to think that wouldn't you!"
    --Vizzini, The Princess Bride

    You'd be jumping the gun on preparing congratulatory remarks. The speed of PEO very nearly rivals that of glaciers, snails and continent drift.

  4. Wasn't planning to *actually* congratulate....just "very nearly", as appropriate to your status of "almost an engineer". :-)


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