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18 January 2010

Working on a Propane Forge

It's been quite some time since I had an opportunity to work on my propane forge.  Well over Christmas vacation I made some progress.  I've ordered and received the necessary Kaowool and ITC-100 and I have a propane burner that just needs a small amount of work.  If the warm weather continues I plan on finishing the burner this weekend and commencing the insulation installation since I need a working burner to cure the forge.
I've often said that the fun part of blacksmithing is in building the tools to do the smithing rather than in smithing itself.

Please ignore the mess that is my garage.


  1. And I'll bet your insurance company is sanguine about you running any form of forge in your garage... (or is it not going to be run there?).

    Ours gave dad grief (to the point he abandoned the idea) of having even wood stove heat in his garage. They wouldn't insure it. Period.

    Anyway, glad to see you are pursuing what interests you beyond books. That's healthy.

  2. I got the info for constructing the forge from a book. See sometimes all that reading pays off.


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