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03 February 2010

Überstix - Product Review

Mrs. Bugbear bought me Überstix for Christmas this year.  I have to say that they are actually quite a fun product although they aren't really a toy for small children or really immature adults.  The product is advertised to interface with Mecano, Lego, Mega Blocks etc, and from experience I can say that it works as advertised for Lego.
The first picture is a small "pirate ship" that I built from their plans.  I decided that the ship was too small so I altered the plans to a three-masted "pirate ship".  I especially had fun with the Skull and crossed Popsicle sticks motif on the sails and flag.  I think my next project is going to be a working trebuchet but I'm going to have to get some Mechano for that one.  Overall it's a fun product and my oldest daughter was quite impressed with the different "pirate  ships" that I built.  Keep in mind though that my daughter's ringing endorsement is that of a three year old (well she turns three next week).  What can I say, when it's -10C outside I just don't get much blacksmithing done.

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