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29 April 2010

Mail Call!

Not that kind of mail, see below:
I've been a bit stymied about  getting my propane forge finished because it requires large solid blocks of free time.  I decided to start a project that I could do in small blocks.  Enter the great Hallowe'en project.  I've decided, in consultation with Little Miss Bugbear, to make a Joan of Arc costume for this coming Hallowe'en.

Now I'm not insane, I know how much effort it is to make a full mail Hauberk so I think that I'm going to make a gambeson  and trim the bottom and sleeves with mail.  Put a surcoat over top and you won't be able to see the fact that Little Miss Bugbear isn't wearing a full mail hauberk.  Since Little Miss Bugbear is only going to be pushing four years old I selected aluminum as the material.  Besides being about a third the weight of steel, aluminum is much easier to bend.  If time permits I will complete the hauberk and a matching coif but Hallowe'en is only one hundred and eighty-five days away!

I don't expect I'll have it completed.

For those interested, the piece above made from 16 gauge aluminum links formed on a ¼" mandrel.  The background is ¼" quad paper.

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  1. If it's aluminum, does it really count as Blacksmithing? (No black!)

    I'm glad it is Marion as clearly I can't envision you as Joan of Arc. A martyr, at least in your own mind, certainly. But you're no Mila Jovovich!

    I look forward to seeing the completed product, all joshing aside.


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