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05 May 2010

Chain Letter

I've decided to update the state of my armoring project, I've been managing to work about an hour or each weeknight so the changes are small.  The total constructed so far is about  38 square inches excluding the tasset or tassel, I'm not sure of the correct terminology.   Tonight I'm going to a gun club meeting but tomorrow I intend to construct and attach several more of the triangular pieces.  I'm going to refer to the triangular piece as a tasset although I'm reasonably sure that's the wrong terminology.

Constructing the Tasset

First decide how many links the base of the triangle will be, let's call that number N, then construct three rows of of 4 in 1.  The top row will be N links, the next row will be N-1 links and the bottom row will be N-2 links.  By dropping links from alternating rows you will create an isosceles triangle.  Then attach the triangle to main piece.  Thus the pattern looks like this:

 Pattern    N
((((((((    8
 )))))))    7
 ((((((     6
  )))))     5
  ((((      4
   )))      3
   ((       2
    )       1

A note about the pattern diagram above, the rows of links in mail lie against each other creating upper edge and a lower edge when the mail is lying against a horizontal surface.  The brackets indicate upper edge of a given row.

Apparently what I've been calling tassets are actually dags.  See below the current progress on the dags.


  1. I see your plan is a chainmail loincloth for you.

    The mind's eye is blinded by the image.

  2. It's too bad it was your mind's eye and not your mind's tongue that was affected.

  3. Tassets are plate. I'd call what you're making dags.

  4. Thanks for the clarification, I've updated the blog to reflect the correct terminology.

  5. Well, I guess we'll have to grant you

    Craft (Armourer), INT, 1 Rank, +3 Modifier (1 Rank + 2 from INT)

    When you are ready to tackle making me a chain hauberk or some scale mail, let me know.

    Or if you want to try to figure out how to do Jaffa armour....

  6. I'll make you a hauberk or scale mail, my labor rate is $50/hr, I'd estimate that it'll take about 200hr to make a hauberk, coif and Bishop's Mantle for Marion and about $100 in materials. Are you sure you want to commision me to make you a hauberk? Are you good for it?

  7. Some friend you are! Mercenary bugger....

  8. You think you're entitled to the sweat of my brow, the fruits of my labor without compensating me...Socialist/Communist knob :-P

  9. I simply think good friends share of their time and talents. But apparently you seem to think good friends invoice one another....

    And if we're in that mode, I think your account is past due!

  10. I'm more than willing to share time and talents. But expecting me to cheerfully spend ~$250 + 300hrs on a gift seems to go past friendship straight to usury.

    The reason I'm making my three year old daughter a mail shirt is that she's small and my daughter.

    I'd cheerfully provide a couple of hours instruction and information on sources though. For free even.

  11. You say "usury" like it's a bad thing.

  12. Derek has Scottish roots.

    Whether usury is a bad thing depends entirely on if he is the one benefiting from it or being leeched by it. For all the Scots' used to say 'never a lender or a borrower be', they did do a lot to invent commercial banking.


    To the other point: Friendship apparently comes with some sort of price tag! Scandalous.

    True friends would say money is no object.


    Okay, I'm done making myself laugh now... :)

  13. "True friends would say money is no object."'re offering to pay any amount Derek wants?

  14. I already pay for knowing the both of you... and pay.... and pay.... in a coin of mental taxation....

    (Oh, woe is me....)

    Well, okay, you're decent enough friends. Maybe better than most. But that's all the credit I'm allowing today.


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