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21 May 2010

A Time to Move On

Before Mrs. Bugbear and I got married, she had bought a home, a semi-detached house.  The house is about 1100 sq ft with an unfinished basement and a garage that isn't big enough to park my car in.  The garage is a a 400 sq ft storage shed. For a newly married couple with no kids that house was a decent fit.  However, as luck would have it, nine months after getting married the house became a snug fit as we added little Miss Bugbear to our home.  Two and third years later the house is an uncomfortably tight fit as the littlest Miss Bugbear crawls about underfoot.

We'd probably be able to manage but for the neighbors next door, in the attached house.  They seem like nice people, they don't take their turn mowing the lawn but I could use the extra exercise.  They smoke which comes in the windows during the summer, but we can always close the window.  There are a lot of little nagging things, but the biggest one is the arguing.

About once a month they have a knockdown & drag'em out fight.  The most recent one lasted from 9:30 PM to 1:00 AM.  At midnight, after trying to get to sleep for a couple of hours I rolled over to Mrs. Bugbear and said., "Want to have make-up sex?"

We decided to sell the house the next morning.  So the rest of my summer is going to be spent fixing drywall, painting, sealing the driveway and replacing the garage door.  We're hoping to get the house on the market at the end of the summer.  Once the roses are blooming and the front flower bed is in full swing the house should present well for prospective buyers.


  1. The thought of makeup sex with you would make any self respecting woman want to relocate....

    My work here is done.

  2. My only rebuttal is that the wedding ring on my finger would seem to prove your implication wrong.

  3. She married you for your income, ability to labour well, and the chance she could breed children with Troll-kin regeneration.

    It wasn't for your good looks. Or at least, not in any sane universe.

  4. Tom, somehow a phrase involving "glass houses" comes to mind.


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