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02 June 2010

Monster Hunter Vendetta

Larry Correia
ISBN:  978-1439133910
Rating: Buy Hardcover New

Comedians scare me.  You see I know it's my fate to die of a stroke while laughing.  I've had four close calls.  The first was while watching Robin Williams on Inside the Actor's Studio.  Williams made me laugh so hard that I got a searing pain in my head.  The pain was so bad that I shut the television off a full fifteen minutes before the end of the show.  The second and third times were while watching live shows at the local comedy club with Mrs. Bugbear.  Mike MacDonald is even funnier in person than Robin Williams was on Inside the Actor's Studio.

It seems that I have to add a third person to the list.

Larry Correia.

Larry is a fledgling author with one novel released by Baen called Monster Hunter International (reviewed here).  Yesterday I read the eARC of Monster Hunter Vendetta  yesterday ( MHV hereafter) which is due out in September.  Some of the scenes in the new novel had me in pain from the laughter.  A couple had me hypo-ventilating since I couldn't draw a breath between laughs.  If Correia has one talent, it's the ability to pick memorable catchphrases that add a snicker or a laugh to a scene.  The book is a quick easy but entertaining read and I recommend that you pick up a copy.  Beware though, MHV is engrossing and I wrote off five hours reading it yesterday to the detriment of a deadline.

However you won't regret reading it.  Pick up a copy, read and enjoy.

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