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27 January 2011

Go Tell the Spartan!

STI's Spartan Pistol, Click the picture to go to the STI Website
I ordered a pistol and I'm paying for it out of pocket change.  Seriously!  There's a bit more to the story of course.  I have an empty Texas Mickey at home.  My father brought it back from Manitoba when I was five or six years old and I've been using it for a change jar for about thirty years.  I generally have to empty it after about two or three years accumulation and generally I use the proceeds as mad money.  This time I decided to buy a new firearm.

I did quite a bit of looking about before I finally settled on buying an STI Spartan.  I blame Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International.  Correia avidly endorses STI's firearms in his books and on his blog.  I also had an opportunity to shoot one while visiting a friend and his wife about eight or nine years ago.  My friends wife was an avid pistol shooter and convinced me to try her STI.  I don't remember which model it was but I do remember the quality and smoothness of the action.

I also recall that I didn't shoot very well.  I was once characterized as being unable to hit the broad side of a barn from the inside by a range owner near Austin, Texas.  I can also count the number of times I've shot a pistol on one hand.  I've shot a couple of  hundred rounds at best.  So I should receive the new handgun sometime next week and I expect that by the end of the month I'll have doubled the number of rounds I've shot through a pistol.

Late Breaking News

Canada Post and the CFC are more efficient than is their usual wont.  I should have the firearm well before the end of next week.  I still have to do the ATT course at the club and wait for the CFC to issue me a general ATT. I can at least oil the gun up and familiarize myself with the take-down and maintenance procedures though.


  1. Not sure I'd be putting information about your firearms online in the same place where you discuss where you live. I consider that poor practice, but YMMV.

    My own shooting with pistol was about a year or so of time and I probably went through three hundred .22 LR, a bunch of .22 short (for the rapid fire pistols), and about 100 .38 and about 30-40 .45 ACP. I've concluded I can hit a melon sized target at 20m fairly regularly. With turning targets, if I have 2 secs per target, I can usually hit fairly well. (Of course, this was before my eyes got notably worse so all bets are off now)

    Good enough to hit things in my house or close to me, not good enough to convince me I wouldn't want a carbine in any outdoor situation.

    It's a nice looking gun, but man do I hate checkered grips.

  2. What sort of sights are on it? Squarish competition sites with the very square notch at the rear and very square and prominent front sight? Or combat sites with a rounded off front blade sight to prevent it catching while being drawn?

    I enjoyed shooting with the former. The latter I found poor enough in use that I'd amost just shoot with natural alignment rather than worrying about sight picture much.

  3. I haven't put my address on the blog, nor am I any more specific than Ontario.

    Here's a photo of the rear sight.

    The front sight is a fiberoptic sight. I have one on my muzzleloader and I quite like it.

    My father-in-law is making a set of replacement grips out of sumac. What's with your objection to checkering?


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