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07 February 2011

I saw a Rafter on the Weekend, Forty Strong!

No I wasn't in a barn.  I was driving over to the local cheese factory which makes the world's best cheddar cheese when I spied a rafter of turkeys.
 On  my return trip the forty turkey strong rafter was still churning up the snow.  I decided to return home and get Mrs. Bugbear and the kids.  When I opened the door, everyone was asleep so I grabbed the camera instead.
 I've been seeing small gangs of up to ten wild turkeys since we moved to the new house but this is the first time I've seen such a large gang near our home.
 It's been a pleasant experience to see the successful re-introduction of wild turkeys to Ontario and I'm hoping that the re-introduction of elk will enjoy similar success.
After all, elk is even better as venison than deer!

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