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25 March 2011

Old Reader

I picked up an antique reader today at lunch.  The experience was awful.  The finish on the reader was rough.  You had to hold it in the 'ON' position constantly to get the reader to function.  The page turn action was grossly large and mechanical feeling.  There was no way to adjust fonts or print sizes.  Although slightly lighter it was uncomfortably bulky to hold, it actually required two hands.  There was no dictionary function at all I had too look up words using the internet of all things.

I've come to the conclusion that the antique reader just wasn't a very good buy.  My advice is to stay away from the so called 'Deadtree' and 'Treeware' readers as much as  possible.


  1. When the apocalypse inevitably arrives, there will be no power for your fancy-schmancy eReader which will function only as a paperweight (a job it is poorly suited for) or as a projectile to hurl at the nearest threat (also poorly suited).

    The Dead Tree Reader (TM) will function well in natural lighting without power and can act as an excellent bludgeon in times of emergency. Against some threats, it will serve as limited armour (good versus knives).

    Most importantly, you can only wipe your ass with an eReader once and that's damnably uncomfortable (glass fragments in the soft tissues hurt), but a Dead Tree Reader can contribute many constitutionals worth of personal hygiene.

    Clearly superior, when the time comes as it inevitably will.

  2. Your entire comment is a strawman argument.

    Nonetheless when the time comes, given the various medical needs that I won't be able to satisfy, I likely won't be long for this world and thus am unlikely to need to worry about the superiority of a deadtree reader vs an ereader.

    You'll last until your first lung infection. So let us do our best to forestall any apocalyptic future.

  3. Your medical needs will take some time to kill you. You might need TP by then.

    Now, mind you, I've seen your library and you'll have a long period of warmth and personal sanitation on that account.

    I may suggest you start with the Mallorean, then add the "Gap into..." series. That way you'll be doing the least damage to the value of your collection.

    I expect that a lung bug will kill me miserably in this life (if I don't wisely beat it with a coronary, stroke or aneurysm). In the apocalypse, it is more likely. OTOH, it might take a bit of time. And along the way, I want to have TP. I've been considering stockpiling the parliamentary record as a pre-stocked supply since it will not be altering its content overmuch.


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