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28 March 2011

There's no place like home...There's no place like home...

Mrs Bugbear and I are starting the renovations at our new home.  A couple of weeks ago we lucked into a small lot of cherry hardwood flooring for a good price.  The renovation cycle for the new house has begun!  On the weekend we went to Lowe's and bought paint, brushes and sanding screens and Mrs. Bugbear mudded the holes in the walls (the previous owner had many pictures hung) and primed the closet ceiling in the master bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom after she'd finished and looked at the patches on the walls and smelled the primer and had to remark, "Now if feels like home!".

Having looked at a lot of homes I always find it strange that people will live in a home for years or decades without finishing things.  The closet ceiling in the master bedroom had never been painted or primed.


  1. Even funnier is that they finish them *just before they sell the house and move out*.

  2. Been there done that. I should have perhaps mentioned limited the time to decades. In the case of our newly purchased home the prior owner lived there for eighteen years and never painted the the walk-in closet ceiling. Indeed it is the same in each closet in the house excepting only the closet at the front door. Despite having painted the rest of the house the closets remain unfinished.

    I told Mrs. Bugbear that we had to completly finish the master bedroom (and closet) before I would start the next room.

  3. Plus it will give you at least one opportunity to come out of the closet... possibly several.

    I'm always shocked about how half-assed some efforts are when it comes to houses, like the one place that they punched a hole in some drywall, did not fix it, and just stuffed it with newsprint and threw two layers of wallpaper over it. I only learned that as I tried to peel the wallpaper off (a task which convinced me wallpaper users and creators should be damned to a specal layer of the netherworld for eternity).

    Doing it right doesn't take that much more time or effort. And if you have to redo it one time less often then it was worth a lot.


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