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05 April 2011

One of the Reasons to Live in the Country!

I know its a bad picture but there were two does and about ten turkeys in a field just down the road from our house this morning on the way to work.  The Tom was all puffed out and had his tail fanned out.  Click the pic to get a bigger version.

The camera in my smartphone blows dead bears!

Addendum 11 April 2011:

Today we saw three deer and a dozen or so turkeys about 2 miles away from the first sighting last week.  I also have heard rumors of an elk nearby.  I'd love to see and elk in the wild!


  1. Well, out the back of the homestead, I've seen the turkey parade (Tom + his flock) totally about 14, I've seen some deer, I've seen a bunch of geese, I've seen the usual flocks of red-winged blackbirds, grackles, and a black squirrel (I am reliably informed there are 4 squirrels now).

    The country has its virtues. The city has its virtues as well, or so I am told.... although I'm not quite sure what they are at this moment.

  2. Re Birds,

    At the feeder over the winter we seemed to get Hoary & Common Redpolls, Blue Jays, Pine Siskins, Chickadees, Gray Juncos and Sparrows. With the advent of spring we're seeing, Doves (which I detest), Nuthatches, Grosbeaks, Red-wined Blackbirds, Crows, American Robins, European Sparrows (invasive species) and a Red-Tailed Hawk.

    Our resident Rough Legged Hawk seems to have left for more northerly climes.

  3. Well, I didn't mention the whole list, just those seen this year. To that list, I'd have to add crows, nuthatches, morning doves, those annoying blue jays, grosbeaks, and some form of hawk (but he just flies around). Of course, hummingbirds as well. And nearby, we get turkey vultures.

    There are probably Robins as well. We live close enough that most species would be the same. I'm just happy their are no sh** h**ks (aka gulls).


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